Gender Policy

KHB Management will pay particular attention to the protection of the rights of its employees through its policies, compliance to regulations, and adherence to agreements by internalising these key policy components into the operations and management of the company for the production of sustainable palm oil. Therefore, the company shall comply with all statutory and regulatory with the principles below:

  • Strive to prevent sexual harassment and other forms of violence against women, workers and community.
  • Establish a specific complaints and grievance procedure and mechanism, acceptable by all parties, to address gender-based issues.
  • Provide sufficient training and development for employees to increase their awareness, enhance their skills and understanding of this policy.
  • Provide and create opportunities for the development of women's leadership at all levels.
  • Ensure effective participation of women in decision-making by enrolling them as members of various committees that already established, such as the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Committee.
  • To establish a Gender Committee to implement and monitor the policy.
  • To communicate, explain and make this policy be understood by all employees, including contractor and/or other relevant stakeholders.


Approved By :

Mr. Ho Sui Ting

Chief Plantation Officer

7 January 2015