Health & Safety Policy

KHB Group is committed to comply with health and safety requirements and manage our activities with due consideration to the safety and health of any person who may be affected by our operations.

To implement this Policy, we are committed to:

  •   Provide safe & healthy working conditions whenever practical for the prevention of work related injury and ill health;
  •   Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements;
  •   Control of OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) risk using hierarchy of contrl, i.e. Eliminate, Substitute, Engineering controls, Administrative controls and Personal protective equipment (PPE).
  •   Conduct risk assessment and develop procedures and actions are documented and
    implemented to address the issues;
  •   Document and implement a health and safety plan covering all activities, and its effectiveness are monitored;
  •   Participation and involvement of workers (workers' representatives) in the decision making process including in the safety & Health Committee;
  •   A Safety and Health Committee are formed and a regular meetings to be conducted to discuss on issues related to safety and health, and are recorded;
  •   Assign and communicate at all levels within the Company the responsibilities, accountabilities and authorities for relevant roles within the OH&S management system;
  •   All workers at each level of the Company shall assume responsibility for those aspects of OH&S management system over which they have control;
  •   All new workers are given orientation programme that include safety procedures;
  •   All workers involved in the operation are adequately trained in safe working practices;
  •   Adequate and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) are available to all workers at the place of work to cover all potentially hazardous activities;
  •   Accident and emergency procedures are available and understood by the workers inclusive First Aid Kits and treatments;
  •   All accident and injuries are recorded as per requirement by the law;
  •   Reports of all accidents are kept and periodically reviewed;
  •   All workers are provided with medical care and covered by accident insurance;
  •   Keep track of any changes in the health and safety requirements and implement accordingly.
  •   Continual improvement of the OH&S management system to enhance the Company's OH&S performance


Approved By :

Datuk Freddy Lim Nyuk Sang

Chief Executive Officer

01 April 2019